Profiles (Text)

Informant Country Language Years in US Age learned English Other countries Education
Angela Greece Greek 13 (3 in Greece) 2 In kindergarten BA English (concentration in Creative Writing); Minor Business
Anna Russia Russian 1 10; school N/A Undergrad in Sociology
Ayesha Pakistan Urdu 6 4; montessori N/A BA Commerce; Undergrad Accounting
Cheryl Singapore Chinese BA Mass Communication; MA Instruct’l Technol; CentAsiaSpecEconCoop
Diana Colombia Spanish 2 8; school N/A Grad Counseling
Efrata Ethiopia/Russia Amharic/Russian 6 10; school Ethiopia 3; Russia 10 Undergrad in Russian Studies and Global Affairs
Haifeng China Chinese 2 10; school N/A BS Engineering; MA Mngmt Sc; PhD candidate PubPol
Hanyan China Chinese 3 13; school N/A Undergrad in Nursing
Ignacio Spain Spanish 2 6; school France;1yr Exchange student (Law/Govt/PoliSci)
Kanishka Sri Lanka Sinhalese 4 From birth in family Nigeria;2 yrs Law from Sri Lanka; MA in Intn’tl Relations; PhD candidate PubPol
Karimatu Nigeria Hausa 9 6; school (first grade) N/A Undergrad Health System Management
 Kumiko Japan Japanese BS; MS; PhD Psychology
Luis H. B. Chile Spanish 4 months 5; in school Switzerland;1or7? Undergrad in Business
Luis M. G.N. Peru Spanish 8 3 or 4; through father El Salvador1; Bangladesh3; Philippines4; Bolivia2 Undergrad in Global Affairs
Malak Saudi Arabia Arabic BA; MA Public Admin
Minh Vietnam Vietnamese/French Undergrad in Biochemistry
Minhee S. Korea Korean BA Philosophy; MA Arts Administration
Monique Rwanda Kinyarwanda/French 7 15; social Ivory Coast3; France 6months Undergrad in Conflict Analysis / Resolution
Sandarshi Sri Lanka Sinhalese Assistant Director, Office of Intern’tl Programs and Services
Shen-Shyang Singapore Chinese BSC; MSC; PhD Computer Science
 Somkuan Thailand Thai BA English; MA Applied Linguistics
Sri India Telugu/Hindi BA History / PoliSci; MA Archeology; MAIS Interdisciplinary Anthro
Ting China Chinese BA
Tonka Bulgaria Bulgarian 4 10; school N/A Undergrad in Government and Intern’tl Relations
Yoon S. Korea Korean 4 8; school Singapore; 5 when very young Communication
Ying China Chinese Institutional Assessment

Background information for informants:

Our informants have been in the US between 1-9 years. Most learned English in school at the elementary level. Approximately half of those who reported this information indicated that they have lived in countries other than their home country and the US, while the others have only lived in their home country and the US.