Anna Sophia Habib

Anna Habib

Title: Director of the University Writing Center

Anna Sophia Habib is the Director of the University Writing Center and term faculty in the English Department at George Mason University. Anna was born in Beirut, Lebanon at the peak of the civil war and fled to the island of Cyprus with her family, where she grew up speaking English, Arabic, French and Greek. She graduated from George Mason University with her Master’s of Fine Arts in Nonfiction writing. Anna’s collaborative academic research was published by GMU’s Diversity Research Group in a monograph titled Valuing Written Accents: Non-native Students Talk about Identity, Academic Writing and Meeting Teachers� Expectations and is published in Reinventing Identities in Second Language Writing published by the National Council for Teachers of English. She is currently working on a book-in-progress, A Block from Bliss Street, about her experiences as a child of the Lebanese civil war.